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Business Insurance FAQs

What things should I consider when buying business insurance?

  • Look around, do some market research, call couple of insurance companies or agents, check out what services are they offering. Finally the deciding factor is to find a professional agent who knows the product, specialize in business insurance coverage.
    You will benefit and would save money in the long run.

How can I lower my business insurance premium?

  • To lower your business insurance get a higher deductible, the deductible is what you pay from your own pocket before your insurance claim is processed. Most of the business policy offer optional deductibles. It all depends on your type business type; a significant savings can be done by higher deductibles.
  • Higher deductibles lower your premiums. Ask your insurance company about loss control services, this service is offered by some companies and it will give you credit for taking advantage of the loss control recommendations.

How do I file a business insurance claim?

  • The following steps are required and it is very important that you follow these steps otherwise the insurance company might not process your claim.
    • The first and foremost thing you do is to contact your insurance company or agent immediately, and in case of buglary contact the police immediately.
    • Ensure that your property is protected from any additional damage, do try yo make temporary repairs, make sure that the damaged property are all intact, as the claim adjuster may need to see them.
    • Read your insurance policy thoroughly, so that you be sure of your responsibilities after a loss.
    • The adjustors will probably ask you to get multiple bids on any work, follow their advice and instructions and comply with their request.

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